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Fresh truffles direct to you

The same truffles we supply to Australia’s best restaurants, sourced from truffle farms here and in Europe, delivered to your door.

The very finest fresh Truffles direct to you.

Now you can purchase the same truffles we supply to Australia's best restaurants.

Sourced from truffle farms in WA, NSW, TAS and Europe, depending on the season.

Truffles? What exactly are they?

Truffles are a kind of fungus closely related to mushrooms that grow underground and form a symbiotic relationship with roots of particular trees such as oak and hazel trees.


Truffles are quite mysterious – they are scarce, difficult to grow, have no visible support system and oddly, grow underground in the middle of winter when everything else is dormant.

Truffle Products

While 90% of our business comes from restaurants and export trade. We have recently opened our shop to the public. You’re standing in it right now.

Extra Class truffles are the highest-grade truffles that have a beautiful regular shape with a strong  characteristic aroma, flavour and colour.

Peridium (skin) is brown/black.

All truffles harvested within a few days and free from soil and foreign matter.

Beautiful shape presents well at table and for shaving.

Inside, the gleba (flesh) is black with well-defined white vein marbling.

All truffles will have a small nick so that we can see the gleba and determine maturity.


Strictly graded for top quality and outstanding aroma.

All truffles are graded according to size, shape, integrity, characteristic aroma.

Truffle weight will be equal to or slightly heavier than the truffle ordered.

Recommend 5-7g per person per dish.

A wee snippet of who we are.

We are one of the largest suppliers of truffles in Sydney, supplying nearly all of the hatted restaurants.

We have exclusive relationships with the best trufferies (truffle farms) in Australia who produce only the highest quality truffle, have consistent yield and excellent and/or unique farming practices. One of our growers is the first and only certified biodynamic truffle farm in Australia.

Phone:  +61 403 959 158

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